Inquiry Based Teaching

Effect Size d= 0.31  (Hattie's Rank=86)

Dr Mandy Lupton analyses the research that Hattie used in detail here. She finds many of the same problems already mentioned - the use of the same data across different meta-analyses thus skewing the average, the use of non-school students (adults and university students) and the use of very old studies with different definitions of what inquiry is.

Lupton concludes,
'the set of studies are old and are not likely to reflect contemporary classroom practice. Also, they all report on science curriculum, in particular most of the studies compare traditional fact-based, textbook based teaching with experiential, experimental laboratory approaches. There is no indication that these results are relevant in any other subject area such as history, geography or mathematics, or indeed in a contemporary science classroom.'

'It’s hard to see that any useful conclusions to improve teaching and learning can be drawn from Hattie’s analysis. And it’s alarming that school administrators are using Hattie’s research to dismiss inquiry approaches out of hand.'

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